Our Services

We will develop a concept that will work for you. From initial brainstorming to the last frame on screen, we will drive your message home.

Film and video production services:

  • Directing, producing, scriptwriting and research
  • Camera and lighting, sound recording, editing, sound mixing and voice recording
  • Location and studio filming on HD
  • Aerial filming and aerial photography
  • HD editing facilities

Specialist in:

  • Corporate idents, marketing, launches and promotions
  • Training, safety and induction videos
  • Public sector – best practice, in-house training, corporate social investment projects
  • Project documentation and archiving
  • Virals (social network marketing messages)
  • Specialist filming for events, trade shows and festivals
  • Short and long format documentary

Web videos:

"If a picture tells a thousand words, then with 30 frames a second, a 1-minute YouTube video can tell 108,000 words!"

We all have to cut costs and that means being smart with how you use your budget!

We live in a digital age where your website is your most effective marketing tool. It is your shop window to show the world that you are, what you do and how effective you can be.

Increasingly our clients are choosing to broadcast on the web rather than producing the less eco-friendly brochures and hard copy DVD's. Your film does not even have to be embedded in your site. It can be hosted on YouTube, Facebook or any other social network sites.

A well made film for your website will pay for itself many times over and give you the recognition you deserve.